Question about Micro SD cards, TF cards and Android tablet


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Dec 11, 2015
My wife and I have Android Phones and Tablets along with Windows 8.1 and 10 Phones, Tablets and Desktop PCs. As I'm waiting for Microsoft to get off it's collective butt and release decent Windows 10 phones, I purchased my first Android phone with SD card. My wife also has an SD card with her phone and both work as I would expect.

But her Android Tablet (Elecost 10") does not have an SD card. My old Windows phone SD Card (128GB) was doing nothing while I wait and wait for the Windows 10 phones with decent size screens (hey i'm 56, so the small screens are hard to read). I thought I would put that into my wife's Android tablet until I need it again. I thought that the format might be different so I backed up the data on the card to my laptop and then planned on just putting it in the Android tablet ... if it was usable as is my wife would have music to listen to along with storage. Worst case I'd just reformat it.

What I didn't expect to happen is for it not to be recognized at all by the Android tablet! I put it in the "TF Card" slot but when I look to the tools that would allow me to mount or format the card the options for doing either are grayed out. The card works if I put it back into my Windows phone.

I'm thinking one or more of the following, but I'm not familiar enough with Android phones and tablets to be certain:

(1) the device and/or O/S don't support a 128GB SD card
or (2) I have somehow inserted the card incorrectly
or (3) it is just not my day

Can someone tell me if a ELECOST 10" 16GB tablet purchased a year ago can support a 128 GB SD card? or which way to insert the card? or if there is some other idea how to use the card temporarily in the Android tablet? Thank you in advance for clarifying any of this as this tablet was a bargain price for my wife that had no manual nor can I seem to find any form of tech support :(