question about running from SD


Feb 3, 2011
Hey guys-
Quick question for you. I see that you can "burn" a bootable SD to run Honeycomb, Froyo, etc. from the SD without having to install it to the internal memory. Are you still required to root the device if you use this method? Can I pop in the card when I want to mess around with those version of the OS, and simply reboot without the card in to go back to the BN stock OS?

Furthermore, can this also be done using a pre-rooted 1.1 image? I would like to play around with this, but the wife doesn't want me breaking her device. :)


Senior Member
Nov 4, 2010
no need to root as Nook will boot right off the SD card and yes you can run this even if you have a pre-rooted 1.1 image on your Nook


Jan 26, 2011
I have only experimented with the Honeycomb SD image but I can tell you that it appeared to be completely unaware of the internal memory of the Nook once booted, which in my mind makes it pretty safe. Since you are booting to a completely different virtual image/OS I imagine whether or not the NC stock OS is rooted would be irrelevant. I can also confirm that booting back to the stock OS will occur after removing the bootable SD card. My only word of caution is to make sure the system is off when removing SD card. I mistook a locked display for powered down and when I removed the SD card the system was locked up(simply had to hold down power button for 5-10 seconds to force power off).


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Jan 21, 2011
I would only caution from my own experience that even though when you boot from an SD that the Nook appears to only recognize the external memory, it IS using the internal boot area (im not sure exactly what and how yet, still waiting on some feedback) but that's generally ok.

Just realize that if you boot from an SD and say, install Clockworks ROM Manager. Then using the ROM Manager click the "Flash Clockwork Recovery" option that WILL flash clockwork recovery to the internal boot area. I did this in order to fix a broken root that I did.

I do NOT know how this would affect the internal boot area of a NON-rooted Nook though. So I would say play away, just don't do things in the virtual environment that affect the core system or bootable areas.