[QUESTION] M80003 Unbranded MID Stock firmware.


Jan 5, 2011
Hello. First of all, I was looking for about 4 days now to get my answer, but couldn't find it anywhere, because I think it's because I'm not an experienced android user..

I bought an Unbranded M80003 Android 1.6 Tablet from b r a n d s d r a g o n .com. After I received it, I mentioned that the tablet is sooooooooooo extremely slow.. So I started looking for other firmware. I found a few and flashed one of them, but after flashing I forgot that MY SCREEN = 800x600px, and all the roms I see on i'net are 800x480 :(..

Here are some tech specs:

h t t p : / / b r a n d s d r a g o n . c o m / products/product_29412.htm

The CPU is WM8505+ (533mhz) 256MB RAM.

Can someone post a link of an ROM, for my tablet (I want that the hardware buttons keep working)?

Thanks a lot!!!



Apr 22, 2011
hello friend i have a big problem for this device , if i reboot tablet the display is black .
i need original firmware , if you have plese contact me, thanks for all .