Questions About New China AllWinner Chip Based Tablets

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Aug 26, 2014
I am looking at getting my very first Android tablet. I want it to be a 10 or 10.1 inch tablet quad core with at least 32 gigs of HD space with USB and Micro SD for additional storage and a capacitive touch screen and Android Kit Kat. Yes, at or under the 120 price range. I have found several of these online all using the newer AllWinner type chips.

Companies like SVP, Dragon Touch, iRulu and Cortex (there are others) either make or distribute these tablets with these chips. These new chips are designed to give good performance without the price tag of other chips.

I am finding a lot of A31s that meet my criteria but am trying to find A33 tablets to compare.

I plan to use the tablet for First Person Shooter games, Youtube, PopcornTime video watching, web surfing.

Most of these only have 1 gig of ram and 1.2 or up to 1.5 ghz processor - will this be enough for gaming?
I never had a tablet or phone before but I understand Android doesn't require as much resources as say a windows or even a linux tablet.

These tablets only have one micro USB slot and or an SD slot. (if you find one with both you're lucky) so is it possible to use a USB hub to give my tablet more USB ports? Say I use a USB hub and i have a USB keyboard hooked up as well as an external hard drive, will this work on the Android as well as it works on a windows pc?

Do external USB antenna's work with Android? I'd want to use one to pull in weak wifi signals.

For this tablet, I plan on getting the external antenna (around 30 bucks, Amazon), a Micro SD 64 gig card (10 dollars, Amazon) an a case with USB plug in keyboard (10 bucks, Amazon) This way i'd have a full set-up for the least money possible. ( I already have an external 3 TB drive but don't know if Android can use it)

Does anyone have any recommendations for these cheap tablets?? Has anyone tried them? What are the pros and cons?

Looking forward to your answers, thanks!
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