Questions before buying a Galaxy Tab


May 28, 2011
I'm planning on buying a tablet, and I'm trying to decide between a Galaxy Tab and the Blackberry Playbook. I'm planning on using the tablet for mainly web browsing (watching YouTube, listening to music online, playing Flash games, etc.) However, I also need to know if the Galaxy has a filesystem with folders for documents, music, pictures, like Windows Explorer and Mac Finder. Also, is it possible to download files from the Internet, such as mp3s, videos, or text documents, onto the Galaxy, or are you restricted to only downloading apps like you are on the iPad? Additionally, is the web browser's Flash capability sufficient for watching videos and listening to music, or is it spotty and slow?


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Dec 4, 2010
To answer your questions: Yes, there is a filesystem that you can use to drag and drop multimedia files and documents to the tab in folders you specify using a windows explorer interface (with the Tab's internal memory/flash card) appearing as a mounted storage device to Windows when the tab is hooked up to the PC via the USB sync cable. And yes, you can download multimedia and doc files directly to the device (there is a dedicated download folder) via a net connection (3G or WiFi or bluetooth tether) or you can download to your PC and then transfer via the aforementioned USB file transfer process. Finally, Flash support is pretty good with with Android 2.2 and above with Adobe Flash 10.3 supporting Android up through version 3.1.


Mar 24, 2011
BB playbook is best used with a BB via their BB Bridge software. All US carriers except AT&T support Bridge. Android tablets will give you more options on apps. Playbook will become more feature richafter they release the 4G and next gen OS updates.but then android isn't sitting idle meanwhile either.

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