Quick Q/A on Android Tablets :)


Dec 30, 2010
Hello, Android Tablet Forums! I have a few simple questions I'd like to post, so maybe you can help. :D

I don't have it yet, but I will be getting the Coby Kyros MID-7015 in another two or three weeks and I can't tell you how excited I am about bringing it home after so long of searching for the "right" tablet for me. Of course, I'll have to root it to get the Android Market though. xD

1 - What are the main things that you use your tablet for?! Favorite apps? I just want to know what people generally use their tablets for, to have a better idea. From the looks of it, I want to use mine (once I get it) for casual gaming, internet, email as well as a contact book, creative writings on note-taking apps, and I want to download a good budget app as well, and a password-protection app to store all my website passwords, and of course, videos and photos. That's all I can think of for now. :)

2 - Are there any tips you'd give me for getting my first tablet? Things I should keep in mind with taking my first steps into a tablet-life... xD

I just like to know as much as possible about an electronic before I buy it, so please tell me of all your good experiences as well as the bad experiences you've had. I'm, personally, excited about getting my first tablet. :D


Senior Member
Dec 28, 2010
/me points at the search box near the top of the page.

All of the things you've been asking about have been covered extensively on these forums.

Edit: I'm really not trying to be a jerk. I think you're intelligent enough to find the information and learn without hand-holding. The joy of discovery is part if the draw of these early tablet devices. So, have fun learning and don't be afraid to ask us the stuff you can't figure out (after making an effort ;) ).