Quick Question about the ARCHOS 7


Dec 30, 2010
I am considering purchasing an ARCHOS 7 from Office Depot for $150 in about two weeks, it's a cheap price and I think it should work fine for my first steps into tablet life. As I am not too fond of resistive touch screens, I think I'll be fine if I bought a stylus to go along with it... Does it need a special stylus or will any work (i.e. NDS stylus or PDA?)? Where would I buy a stylus that works for this device? :)

I also know that there is no Android Market pre-installed on this device, but there is one called "Appslid". Does Appslid have the same (or close to) the amount of apps found on the Android Market, or is it disappointingly lower? Is there a way to manually install the Android Market, without jailbreaking or hacking of any sort? >.>

Also, is there a way to install a Home Replacement on the ARCHOS 7? (i.e. GO Launcher, Launcher Pro, ADW Launcher, etc.)

Thank you ahead of time for any answers. :)
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Jul 9, 2010
The Archos 7, the Archos 7 Home Tablet, or the Archos 70? The Archos 7 is not an Android tablet.