Ramos i10 Tablet Intel Z2580 2GHz/2GB RAM 10.1 Inch Retina / Android


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Mar 29, 2014

I just recieved my Ramos i10 Tablet (android version) and want to collect all possible info about the device here. Like ROMS, experiences, tips & tricks, tests etc. As I write this, my Tablet found a new OTA update, and currently downloading it.

Short review:
The tablet is made of high quality materials, and almost everything on this one is real aluminium or metal. The overall build quality is good, but the tablet is also a bit heavy. The screen is bright and have good colours, sharp picture and not much to complain about. So far I found the screen to be better than on my other Chinese tablet (Vido M10). And the resolution is also very nice.

It has 2 front speakers (ACC dual speakers) and actually it is capable to play real loud, and the sound quality is also ok for a chinese tablet.
The speed of the tablet is really good. There is not much lag (if any) when I have used it. It seems to be faster with its Intel CPU and 2GB RAM than my previous tablets with Rockchip 3188 CPU.

The bad thing is that the tablet came without any Google Play Store. But of course you can use other stores like for example "Aptoide"
UPDATE: I managed to install the Google Play Store now, and it works great!).
Other than that the tablet is really nice and I just love the "HTC One" design that it has.

Unboxing video Ramos i10 Tablet

Comparison - Intel vs. Rockchip

LARGE: http://peecee.dk/uploads/042014/S1120004.JPG

LARGE: http://peecee.dk/uploads/042014/S1120011.JPG

LARGE: http://peecee.dk/uploads/042014/S1120006.JPG

Read below for ROOT files & instructions!

Ramos I10 Tablet with Dual Core Intel Z2580 2GHz CPU, LP DDR2 2GB ram and 16GB Storage, pre-installed with Android 4.2 OS, 10.1 Inch Retina Screen with 1920*1200 resolution, 2.0M Front and 5.0M Back Dual Camera, Support OTG, Bluetooth, HDMI.

Ramos I10 Tablet Features:
- OS: Android 4.2.2 (supports real OTA, I got an update this way, and it worked!)
- CPU: Intel Z2580 2GHz
- GPU: PowerVR SGX544MP2
- Storage: 16GB EMMC
- 10.1 Inch Retina Screen with 1920*1200 Resolution
- Back 5.0M / Front 2.0M Camera
- Camera with Auto Focus,CMOS
- Support up to 1080P HD Video Recording
- Battery : 7500 mAh
- ACC Dual Speakers
- OTG, HDMI, Bluetooth, WiFi
- Support TF card up to 32GB
- Aluminium shell / glass

The tablet may come without Google Play Store preinstalled in the ROM.
Still you can of course download and install other stores like for example "Aptoide"
Search for it on google and install it directly from the tablet Aptoide Installer

Here my guide to install Google Play Store for the Ramos i10
It can be installed so it works 100% no crashes, no fc, and all apps can be downloaded/installed fine!
I found this trick to do it after 2 days of trying all kind of methods!
Be sure to backup all important stuff first on the tablet, because you will need to factory reset it.
1. ROOT the tablet with Shuame ROOT tool ??????-??(Android)??????|????|??ROOT??
You will need these files for the ROOTING
- i10 driver : i9-USB??.rar_??????|??? ??-????? or here mirrored all 3in1 file http://peecee.dk/upload/download/436622
- Ramos ROOT file: ROOT.rar_??????|??? ??-?????
- ROOT Wizard tool: ??????-??(Android)??????|????|??ROOT??
2. Follow my ROOT/ADB instructions in this word document! http://peecee.dk/upload/download/436617 or here mirrored Download I10ROOT_english_by_s7yler.doc from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way (close the popup that may come, when hitting download)
(Big thanks to Daphne for the translation!) The needed ROOT files, drivers and tool are also in links inside the document. On the tablet, remember first to enable "Unknown sources" in security and enable "USB debugging mode" in the developer options.
3. When successfully ROOTed, let Shaume install its SuperSU and the other apps it comes with to the tablet.
You may check with ROOT Checker if it is really rooted now or not. (ROOT checker app, you can download using another store, for example the Aptoide store)
4. Reboot the tablet
5. Now factory reset the tablet, after a fresh reset, SuperSU should still be there and it is still ROOTed.
But your removed all the Shaume bloatware and chinese appstore it also installed.
6. Download the Gapps package here http://peecee.dk/upload/download/436619 or mirror Download Gapps-s7yler.rar from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way and put them on a SDcard, and then the card in the tablet.
7. Install the "Google Account Manager APK" file from SDcard (do it via the file manager app on the tablet)
8. After that go to settings in the tablet, then to Accounts and Add new Google account and login with your account
9. Now install the Google Play Store APK from SDcard (if that is NOT possible, then skip this step!)
10. Install the GooglePlay.Installer(ALL-Colors).apk from SDcard, it should install all nessecary Gapps!
10. Then run "Installer cracked Google Play" from the app drawer, inside the app choose Modded Google Play Original Style, and then the button Install and Reboot.
11. Reboot
12. If you can see Google Play store, then start it and your good! but if you can't find the shortcut to Google Play store on the desktop! (actually it is there) then do a factory reset of the whole tablet again.
13. After the factory reset, you should have the Google Play Store shortcut on the desktop!
14. But hold - you just did a new factory reset! so you need to do step 7 and 8 again.
15. After that start Google Play Store and it should now work!
16. No crash, and you can download apps and games without problems!
17. After that I installed Titanium Backup Pro (paid version) and converted the important Google Play apps from user apps to system apps. So when a factory reset is needed again, they will stay on the tablet. Because they are then inside the ROM.
Have fun!
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