Random Icon Pics Show Up When Transferring Photos


Junior Member
May 21, 2017
When I transfer photos, I always have to search for the photos i actually took inside a list of a bunch of random little pics of things from apps I have downloaded on my tablet. For example, I have a casino app and when I plug my tablet into my laptop to transfer my photos, I see a bunch of little icons that I saw on that game in there. My bof friends tablet did the same thing. Anyone know why this us? I cannot find anything on this particular subject anywhere.


Staff member
Jun 16, 2012
I didn't see this until just now...sorry. Anyway, Google has a media search service which automatically catalogs any images it finds on your MicroSD card. This is by design, and is why those icons show up in your Gallery. To resolve this, create an empty file in the folder where the icons are located and name it ".nomedia" (including the dot), then clear the data for media storage (Settings > Apps). Reboot and the icons should disappear from your Gallery app.

Should the game not function correctly because it can't find the icons, you'll have to look into using a different gallery app; one that allows you to ignore specific folders.