Reading EPUB Files from SD card


Jan 10, 2011
Hi there everyone,

I have an .epub file on my PC, which I've transfered to an SD card. When I plug the SD card into my Pandigital Novel Reader, I can see it in the file explorer, but I have no idea how to read it. When I click on it in the file explorer to open it, none of the options let me view it.

I can transfer it directly to the ebooks folder on my pandigital from my computer, and then it is added to my library automatically... but I would prefer if I could read it from the sd card. I've read that this is possible, bu I can't figure out how.

I would appreciate some advice, thanks.

- Scott


Jan 11, 2011
Don't know much about this specific device but if you have access to the Android market, you can download any number of readers that will upen .epubs. Aldiko seems to be the most popular and works well for me.


Jan 13, 2011
ya know I did the hack,,,,well I did the format thing on my 7" pan and Im kind of bummmed I lost all of t he library stuff I had and I lost barnes and nobles so nodw I have this little android thing that can have a thousand apps that I may or may not use......I tried that reader too and its a hassle y ou can never get anything to read anything else......always getting errors.....I think Im going to see if there is a way to get it back to the way it was.............. I tired the reset and wont do it....bummer...i would really think twice and read up a little before hacking anyt hing............................bummer