Reading in Google Books App


Dec 5, 2011
(Reposted from the White Firmware forum because this isn't really about firmware hacking per se.)

I have a 7" Pandigital Novel White, and it's running kewlguy's OPDN firmware, version 2.1.1. I have the Market working. I have installed Google Books. My books are syncing appropriately, and my library seems to be in order.

When I touch a book in order to read it, the white screen with the progress wheel appears. It doesn't go away. I never get to the point of reading anything. It's not a crash; if I push the volume-up button, I get the soft buttons toolbar back, and if I press the Back button on that, I get my Google Books library again.

Running logcat while the wheel is spinning gets me messages like:

E/MultiColumnReader( 3967): WebView reports invalid screen dimensions (768x0), retrying

Sometimes it says 512 instead of 768. I guess that's to do with the current screen orientation.

I've tried flashing some other firmwares to no effect. What else can I do?

Well, that was stupid. I've downgraded to Books v. 1.4.6 and it works fine.
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