Recovery Image Of Android OS


Senior Member
Nov 14, 2011
Something I feel stupid for asking, but need to anyway, is how do you make a recovery image of the Android OS? We're looking at the Coby MID7127 and if I had to guess I would figure you would connect it to a PC, and from there copy the file that says, android2.3 and use that as a backup if things go horribly wrong. Am I in the right ball park at least? The other thing is side loading, does this mean i can buy apps from a app store like android marketplace or amazon, (feeling secure that my credit card info is safe on my main PC-as reasonably secure as one can feel with regard to PC security these days) and then copy the file onto my micro SD card, insert into the tablet and then somehow load it into the machine? If there is a clear FAQ or something on these two things I apologize for missing them, I really did search a bit before asking. Thank you in advance! :)