Recovery Mode PINS RK3028A


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Aug 19, 2017
First of all thanks for all these amazing usefull information of this forum.
Well, I will try to explain what is the problem, sorry about my english.

I am trying to recover a TV Dongle or stick, it hasn't got a VOL + or VOL -, so I think that I will need to touch the different Pins that the NAND has to boot it in recovery or a known device for the RK Batch Tool.

The CPU is the RK3028A
The NAND chip is the 29f64g08cbaba
The GPU is MALI-400

Has anyone any idea witch are the PINS that I have to touch to recover this TV Dongle???

Thanks for any help, it will be apreciated.

rsz_p70819-220109.jpg rsz_p70819-220204.jpg rsz_p70819-222911.jpg