[Release] Fully DEODEXED Samsung Galaxy Tab


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Dec 15, 2009
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First off, HUGE thanks to Xeudoxus for updating his xUltimate to be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy tab.

Ok, now to it... but first... the disclaimer. Myself nor Droidforums claim any responsibility for what you do to your device. ALWAYS make a backup yada yada yada.

This was actually kind of tricky at first because the Galaxy tab didn't have enough space in the system to push the new deodexed files without removing some first. Note that I have ALL bloat still on my tab so I'm sure that had something to do with it. Anyways... This is for VZW TABS ONLY. i have not tested these files on ANYTHING other then VZW

The Services.jar in done_frame has also already been patched for transparency.

CWM recovery
knowledge of ADB (follow simple commands)
Knowledge of Heimdall or Odin to restore in WORST case scenerios (you REALLY have to screw something up for a backup not to work)

Step one: Run ROM manager and MAKE A BACKUP. PLEASE. it will save yourself headache and support thread space

Note that when I reference my tools folder for ADB commands, my directory is c:\tools (yours may differ)

Ok, next you will need these two .zip files. They contain the Deodexed framework and app files.

Unzip those two folders and COPY the entire FOLDER to your ADB "tools" folder.
My directories once I copy both folders will be:

After your backup is made, use ROM Manager to boot into CWM recovery (or do it manually however you prefer) with your galaxy tab already connected to your PC. Wait a couple seconds and then launch your command prompt.

On your tablet, select Mounts and Storage, and MOUNT system.
Back at your command prompt, type:
cd c:\tools (or where ever your directory is)
adb shell
#cd /system/app
#rm *.odex

This should bring you back to your C:\tools directory. What that did was give your Galaxy Tab /system/ enough space to accept the new Deodexed files.

At the C:\tools line, type (REMEMBER, your directory may be different. if it is, use the same commands, but substitute your directory)
adb push C:\tools\done_app /system/app

Once that finishes, type,
adb push C:\tools\done_frame /system/framework

Once that finishes, all your new deodexed files are pushed. Now we just need to do some cleanup.

at C:\tools type
adb shell
#cd /system/app
#chmod 644 *.apk
#cd /system/framework
#chmod 644 *.jar
#chmod 644 *.apk
#rm *.odex

You can now close your command prompt.
You can now UNMOUNT the system.

When you reboot, this WILL take some time. If you have waited more then 8-10 minutes, turn your tab off by HOLDING the power button until it shuts off and power back up and see if it boots the second time. If it does NOT boot the second time, boot into CWM recovery (power and volume up) and run that handy BACKUP YOU MADE

Once your tab boots up, congrats, you are now fully Deodexed and should have at least 32MB of free space in /system

If someone more experienced wants to put this in an update.zip with install scripts, it'd definitely benefit more people... Thanks all.