Reports: Nexus 9 by HTC Is Coming “Very Soon”


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Mar 24, 2011
By Bogdan Petrovan September 22, 2014

Google’s new Nexus 9 is close to its launch according to reports in the Wall Street Journal and The Verge.

WSJ confirms that the device is manufactured by HTC and that it features a 9-inch screen (previous rumors pegged an 8.9-inch display). Engineers from HTC have been visiting Google’s Mountain View headquarters in recent months to work on the project, according to people familiar with the matter.

Google chose HTC to make its new Nexus tablet, even though HTC has little experience in the field, in order to expand its base of partners and to avoid giving one company unfair advantages, continues the report. The previous Nexus tablets were manufactured by Asus and Samsung.

The current thinking is Google will launch the new Nexus 9 along with Android L sometime this fall. Paul O’Brien, a trusted member of the Android community, shared a possible announcement date of October 16.

According to sources talking to The Verge, the release of the Nexus 9 is “imminent.” The report doesn’t offer further details.

A recent slip up in a legal document of Nvidia’s suggested the Nexus 9 would launch in the third quarter, or by the end of September. The reference has been removed from the document.

From older reports we know that the Nexus 9 will feature Android L and a Tegra K1 processor by Nvidia, and it will come with an optional keyboard cover accessory, meaning that Google and HTC could market it as a productivity device.

Source:The VergeWSJ