Researcher Develops Transparent Battery and Envisions Transparent iPhone

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    [ame=]Researchers Create Transparent Lithium-Ion Battery - YouTube[/ame]​

    SmartPlanet has a great report today about an engineering professor at Stanford University called Yi Cui, who along with graduate student Yuan Yang, has developed a transparent battery that he says could pave the way for transparent smartphones. As it’s not physically possible to make transparent battery components, Cui has used a visual trick to make the battery appear transparent, creating a grid framework for the battery electrodes.

    Having created the battery, the team are now trying to increase its capacity, which currently is only half the power of a regular lithium-ion battery. Cui says that he hope that others in the industry follow his team’s lead and commercialise the transparent battery, so that you could then ultimately have a transparent iPhone, laptop or watch.

    Source: Transparent battery developer imagines see-through iPhone | SmartPlanet

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