Resistive vs Digitzers - - Which is better for notes?


Oct 3, 2012
Hello all, I hate for this to be my first post here but I can't seem to find a good answer anywhere. I am in the market for a new tablet that meets these requirements:

Budget - $100 or below for minimal features, the most would be around $150
7-8 inch screen
Can be from China, if company is reputable
800x400 ^ display
Decent viewing angles
Bluetooth 3.0
GPU would be nice but not necessary
Dual Core is preferable but not necessary
Dual Cameras are preferred but not a must, but a rear with flash would be best
SD memory card slot
and what I'm most looking for is PEN based writing

I want to use this tablet to take notes digitally and I simply cannot find a reasonably priced tablet to match my needs, I would like something with a Smartpen/Digitizer but those are considerably more expensive than my budget allows. I would not even mind a capacitive tablet with a very good screen that would allow me to use a stylus like the Dagi or Adonit. I have had the best results with these styli on an Ipad but that is WAY more than I am willing to spend on a device meant primarily for note taking but with features that allow for other things. In my research for such a device I realized that resistive tablets should in theory be able to do these things but there are so few made today I doubt that they would have most, if any, of the things I'm looking for. So in conclusion if anyone would be able to point me to some devices that you have tried or at least know enough about to recommend.

I am willing to flash ROMs to certain devices in order to better enable said features, thanks again for the help.


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Dec 27, 2011
I'm thinking you meant capacitive vs digitizer. Resistive is nearly dead. ;)

There is a difference between the capacitive and true digitizer tablets but very few with the digitizer, like the Samsung Note


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Jan 6, 2011
Digitizer is always the best but also the most expensive. As leeshor said the question is usually about capacitive vs. resistive. If you did mean resistive vs. digitizer then... For strictly stylus based input I rank as:

1. Digitizer
2. Resistive
3. Capacitive

However, outside of stylus input #2 and #3 would be flip-flopped for all other uses.


Oct 3, 2012
Yeah I know resistive is nearly dead which is why I couldn't find nearly anything about them anymore, the ones I did find are very bad in screen quality. I was considering the HTC Flyer since they are pretty cheap but I'm thinking they may be a little outdated by today's standards. The only other tablet that I might be willing to spring all the way for is the Transformer EEE pad but it really is too big.

Any device specific recommendations.