[Review] Dragon Touch i8 Pro

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Aug 3, 2016
If you are looking for a good tablet that would be worth your investment and give you good performance, then you have many options to consider from. Now that can be a bit confusing to some as choosing the best specification can be tricky. Many tablets available in the market basically give you the same performance for your money’s worth. However, if you are looking for a tablet that would give you almost all the best specs while being easy on your pockets, then you can definitely go for the Dragon Touch i8 pro Windows tablet. Let’s review the specfications of the tablet below:



The tablet operates on both latest Windows 8.1 along with Android 4.4 Kitkat, the OS can be interchanged as per the use

Has 8 inch IPS screen with 1280x800 HD resolution

Consists of Intel Quad Core 4x1.83GHz processor

The storage can be expanded up to 32 GB with 1GB RAM

The tablet comes with dual camera: 5MP rear camera and 2MP front facing camera

Supports Wifi, Bluetooth Micro HDMI/USB and G-sensor

The features seemed good enough for a good tablet. However there're a few pros and cons that were found after reviewing the performance of the tab. They are as follows:


Performance: The tablet does really well in terms of performance; upon using it you can simply multitask with different applications efficiently without having to close one to avoid lagging. Many times when a tablet is unable to handle multi tasking, it simply crashes or shuts down or worse lags. This wasn’t the case with the Dragon i8 pro.

Dual Operating System: In the Dragon Touch i8 pro you can switch between Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4 Kitkat. This makes it easier to choose from the best OS. If you need to use the Android but also need the amazing features of Windows then this tablet is the best choice for you.

IPS Screen: Many people wonder about the benefits of the IPS screen. Usually IPS display gives you the best resolution and is very colourful. The screen doesn’t look washed out or reflective. Also the tab comes with a good 1280x800 HD resolution which makes the display much more pleasing.

Quad Core Processor: good performance is the basic expectation of any budgeted tablet. The i8 pro comes with a Quad Core processor which may not be the best but it sufficed. The application loading and web surfing were quite easy with little lagging and as mentioned earlier the performance of the tablet was good enough. However if you are a gamer who wishes to play heavy games then you should want to reconsider. The game does lag when stuffed with heavy games.

Dual Camera: the Dragon Touch i8 pro comes with dual camera of 5MP (back) and 2MP (front) camera. The camera quality is not excellent but it is quite good enough, you can take great pictures in the day light but they may be a little grainy in the evenings and night. The front facing camera is good for selfies but Skyping can be a bit of a challenge.

Size: The tablet is quite handy in size and it is quite easy to carry. Carrying tech devices can be a pain specially when travelling. However the Dragon i8 pro is very sleek and light weight in design and it allows you productivity anywhere.

Storage: Storage of the tablet is expandable up to 32 GB; you can use Micro SD slots as well just the way you would use for a phone. But dual operating systems mean dual storage and dual storage consumption. So the ideal option would be to opt for a good micro SD card to increase store for pictures, songs etc.


Camera: The camera of the tablet isn’t quite up to the mark. Taking clear pictures in the evening is quite difficult. Both the front and rear camera can prove to be a challenge if you want extremely clear pictures. Nonetheless it is good enough for a budgeted tablet.

RAM: in a world where cell phones have better RAMs than tablet, 1 GB Ram is not good enough to multitask. As mentioned earlier, you many face challenges while playing games and handling various applications at once. The 1 GB RAM is insufficient for both Windows and Android.

Windows OS: While the tablet performs well in Android, the Windows OS is a bit of a pain. You need good space and RAM to operate Windows, which the tablet lacks and causes a lot of space issues. You can expand the storage up to 32 GB but the RAM still maybe a problem for Windows.

Switching Operating Systems: While it is amazing that the tablet can switch between Windows and Android, the actual process of switching them can be a bit frustrating. If you load the tab with applications then it makes the switch more slow and even lags in the process. In other words, you will have to stick with one OS if you vigorously use the tab and fill it with content.

Overall the Dragon Touch i8 Pro is a well budgeted tablet that will give you all the basic features of a good tablet. The fact that it comes with dual OS is amazing especially in the price. However, one advice before purchasing this would be that if you use tabs heavily then you should want to reconsider buying it. But if you need a good tablet to finish productive work then this is the best option for you.

There're a few more good features that have been excluded in the review like Wifi, Bluetooth and HDMI support. The tablet comes with all these features in a good price. If you are confused about buying a Windows or Android device then you can surely go for this one as it provides you with the benefits of both the OS. Remember this is a tablet and not a computer; it will have its own pros and cons and must be used accordingly. Electronics must be handled with care after all.


To conclude the review it can be said that the Dragon Touch i8 pro is a good tablet with good features but consider buying it after determining your basic specification and needs.
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