[Review] Dragon Touch M8 Tablet PC


Aug 3, 2016

Dragon touch M8 is the latest tablet launched by Dragon touch. It is a quad core efficient tablet that provides an exceptional performance. It has an eight-inch IPS display and a thin body and it weighs around 11.2 oz which makes it highly portable, especially for a long journey. Just pack it in your travel bag or handbags and you have a powerful entertainment pack with you which will entertain you throughout your journey. This device is highly appreciated by reviewers for its amazing battery backup. It has a huge battery to meet all your entertainment requirements like watching movies or playing games throughout the day. This tablet is built to destroy your boredom throughout your journey.

Key Features:
Powerful Processor – Dragon touch M8 is powered with a Quad core Mediatek processor named MTK8127. The processor is clocked at 1.3 GHz which delivers a blazingly fast performance and speeds to provide a smooth experience to the user.

Ram – This device is built with 1 gigabyte of ram. This helps the device to switch different apps from one screen to other swiftly. The ram provides a support to the processor to run various apps conveniently on the tablet.

IPS screen – The tablet is packed with a beautiful IPS display that provides the user with a treat to the eyes. It has wide viewing angle to prevent distortion of images or videos by watching from any angle. It has a 1280 x 800 resolution that delivers very vivid and crystal clear contents. So, the user can easily enjoy the tablet while browsing internet or reading electronic-book through the tablet.

Latest Android technology – One of the important feature of the tablet is that it runs on Android operating system. It contains the latest android 4.4(kit-kat) which is upgradable to android 5.0(Lollipop), providing the latest user interface to the user. Android operating system makes life easier by providing the facility to download many gaming, educational and entertaining applications to the tablet.

Storage – The tablet packs 16-gigabyte internal memory storage which helps the user to store various videos, images, e-books or install applications to the tablet. It can also store lots of useful documents and files which help the user to travel with the important information in their pocket.

Dual Camera – Dragon touch M8 comes with the dual rear camera and a single front camera. This unique feature provides the tablet with an edge over the other tablets. The camera features an instant focus and captures images and videos faster. The user can easily capture some valuable and precious moments throughout their journey. The front camera helps the user to connect the user virtually to other people with facial interaction. The front camera is of high-end 3 mega-pixels.

Battery – The most vital feature of this tablet is the battery. Dragon touch M8 packs an enormous 4000 mAh battery which supplies energy to the tablet to watch movies or playing games throughout the day.

Wi-Fi Support - This feature helps the tablet to connect to the Local area network which allows the tablet to use the internet facility from the LAN device. It has a bandwidth of 802.11 bgn which helps the tablet to use the internet efficiently from the LAN connection.

GPS – This tablet features a full-fledged Global positioning system (GPS) which provides the location and time of the user present anywhere on Earth. It connects the tablet to the GPS-satellites and provides the exact location of the user. It also provides the maps and navigation system which helps the user to easily find the roads, restaurants, tourist destinations, parks, hospitals, etc anywhere on earth.

Bluetooth – Dragon touch M8 supports Bluetooth technology which is a wireless technology which helps the user to transfer any data including images, documents and videos from the tablet to any other Bluetooth device and vice-versa.

HDMI support – This tablet has the most crucial feature of the new generation, i.e., HDMI support. This feature enables the user to cast the tablet screen on any HDMI supporting multimedia devices like televisions, monitors, etc. This helps the user to enjoy the tablet on a comparatively larger screen.

Speakers – The tablet has a single speaker that produces a decent sound for various multimedia purposes. Speaker is loud enough to enjoy the music, videos and calls.

Microphone – The tablet has a good microphone which functions well through all type of calling facilities including video and phone calls. The calls can be heard without any echo or other ailments to provide a comfortable calling experience to the user.

Games – Dragon touch M8 supports latest high-end games like the Angry Birds, Batman, Clash of Clans, etc. in the market. Games run smoothly and free of any lags which provide best gaming experience to the user.

What’s inside the box?
Tablet – The device itself is packed properly in a properly sealed box. It delivers all new and scratch free tablet.
AC Adapter – It helps the tablet to charge from the electricity supplied to the home.
USB Cable – It connects the tablet to the computer or laptop which helps the tablet to transfer media files to and fro from the device.

User Manual – It provides all the information regarding the Quad core dual Camera Dragon Touch M8. It provides detailed information regarding the functions of the functions and facilities of the tablet which helps the user to use the tablet efficiently.

Quad core dual camera Dragon touch M8 is absolutely an amazing buy at this affordable price. It is a user-friendly tablet that suitable for all age groups. It can help educate and entertain students at the same time. It is a budget-friendly and eco-friendly tablet which serves as an excellent companion to the user. It can serve as a creative tool to complete all the office work and as a portable gaming and media centre to entertain the user. It is a very productive device that eases the life's of the user by performing many numbers of daily activities required by the user. This tablet is highly recommended by the reviewers due its powerful and insane features and affordable price.