[Review] Dragon Touch X9


Aug 3, 2016

Dragon Touch X9 is a 9” tablet Pc which exceeds the expectations of the users who have used other budget devices since many years. This tablet has a number of things which you may not find even in today’s most of the modern mobile devices like quad core processor and dual camera. It is the best tablet if you are looking for an entry level low cost tablet for your kids. They can use it to practice the apps of their school, checking emails, surfing on web world and occasionally watching videos on YouTube etc. In this way Dragon Touch is much better than an iPad or a LeapPad tablet in many ways.

Robust processor: Dragon Touch X9 is provided with a strong Quad Core CPU RK3128 that offers experience of faster operation while booting apps by running up to 4 x 1.3 GHz i.e. four times faster than single core processor and double than a dual core processor.
Android operating system: A newly released operating system, Android 4.4.4, is provided in it to allow multi-tasking at faster speed. Its user interface is simpler and more convenient. All the new features like voice search and emoji everywhere etc. can be enjoyed easily.
Multi-touch technology: The use of fingers has been made easier by using capacitive multi-touch technology in this tablet. It allows you to download thousands of apps and games from Google Play Store like Temple Run, Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja etc. The micro SD card slot provided on this tablet allows you to add extra space up to 32GB to store the files of videos, songs and photos etc.
Dual camera: The dual camera provide on this tablet allows you to take pictures and videos of the real world and share it with your friends.
Wi-Fi connectivity: This tablet keeps you connected Wi-Fi even on the go. You can do text as well as video chatting with your friends anytime.

Warranty: A limited period 1 year warranty for technical support and services like updating the firmware frequently is provided to US local customers to guarantee their satisfaction. You can contact them if any question arises in your mind regarding the working of this tablet.

The specifications of Dragon Touch X9 include:
KitKat Google Android 4.4.4 operating system
Multi-touch 9'' screen with 1024x600 HD resolution
Quad Core processor unit with 4 x 1.3 GHz speed
Storage space of 8 GB and RAM of 512MB
Bluetooth, Mini HDMI and Wireless N (802.11b/g/n)
Dual Camera

Design of Dragon Touch
Dragon Touch x9 is a lightweight tablet which is taller than its width. Its plastic back has moulded stitching on the back and a bit flexible at the centre and the opening near its speaker. Though its looks a cheap tablet but some of its parts are strong enough to keep it safe even if it is dropped accidently on your carpet. The dual camera of this tablet allows you to take pictures and videos from both the sides as per your suitability. The openings on its top include speaker/headphone port, charger port, micro SD port and mini HDML port. On its side there are volume and power control buttons. There is one dock on the bottom of its screen that include icons for back, volume, page and home windows another dock is on the top end of the screen including icons for camera, settings, apps, browser, app management, volume and Google play.

Users’ reviews on performance of Dragon Touch X9
Set Up: The set up of this tablet was found easy to operate as it can be booted smoothly without any technical issue. It took few minutes to set up MyGoogle account and Wi-Fi connection to upload some apps for the use of their kids.
Display: The display of Dragon Touch X9 was found satisfactory in comparison to the other mobile devices of this class. Its brightly coloured display with 1024x600 HD resolution is lit decently to work greatly in normal indoor light. The brightness of its display changes very slightly, even if it is reduced by 50%. Its screen allows you to read books or watch movies without straining your eyes due to its large size.
Speed: The speed of this tablet is fairly good as runs on Quad Core processor unit with 4 x 1.3 GHz speed. Kids and adults can easily upload apps and other files to help them in multiple tasking for their respective business. Along with it they can smoothly and seamlessly upload or stream and watch YouTube and other videos of their interest through this tablet.
Battery Life: The life of the battery of this tablet is better than many other in its class. You can increase its battery life by reducing its brightness by 50%.
Camera: though the dual camera of Dragon Touch x9 allows you to take pictures and videos from both of its sides but it needs good lighting to get good results. In this way, camera is the weakest point of this tablet. In order to get quality pictures in indoor location you will have to use halogen lamp light.
Speaker: The speaker of this tablet is its another weak point. You cannot enjoy watching movies on this tablet unless you have a Bluetooth speaker or headphones as the sound with its in-built speaker is not clearly audible as it is neither very good not very loud.

On the whole, Dragon Touch x9 is a decent tablet, despite of its few flaws, due to its reasonable price and powerful Android operating system which allows you to run browser windows and multiple apps simultaneously whenever you want. It is a lightweight but durable tablet in its class. Anyone who wants to experience latest technologies or searching for an inexpensive but durable tablet for his/her kids may find it the best option for him/her. The kids as well as adults can use this tablet for taking pictures and videos through its dual camera. They can also use it for uploading or streaming movies and YouTube videos seamlessly through its speedy quad core processor to watch them easily anytime.

What is in the Box?
The box of Dragon Touch X9 tablet contains:
A tablet
An AC adapter
A USB cable
A user manual