[Review] Irulu 10.1 Inch Tablet With Android 6.0.1


Senior Member
Jun 24, 2013
The Irulu tablet line has been improving with each new iteration. I recently acquired the Irulu 10.1 inch model X40 with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. I was using the Irulu model X11 with Android 5.0.1. Lollipop. Both are based on an A33 Quadcore processor.

The nice thing about these tablets is that they come with handy keyboard cases with a kick-stand type mount which makes them stand for use like small touch screen computers. They are basically small netbooks.
I was very happy with the X11. I used it for research on the internet coordinating with another 8 inch tablet and a laptop using Dropbox to share files. I don't make heavy video and speed demands.

In replacing the X11 with the X40, I found the X40 boots quickly and is noticeably more responsive than the X11. The operation seems cleaner. There are fewer failures of Google and Bing search engines, so it makes my work slightly easier and less frustrating.

The 10.1 inch tablet is a little cumbersome to carry around as a general use tablet. You have to fold the keyboard around the back to hold it if you are not using it on a table top. Although the keyboard is slightly small for my hand, you can do some serious writing with it if you view it as a small ultra portable computer (at a bargain price).