Review the Tonido Android App and Win a Tonido Plug


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Dec 15, 2009

That's right. It's time for another famous giveaway competition. This time we are giving away a Tonido Plug. What exactly is the Tondio Plug? Well it's a tiny, low-power, low-cost personal home server and NAS device which runs the Tonido software which allows you to access your files, music and media from anywhere. The cost? $99. However, if you happen to win this competition you'll receive it for free... shipping included.

The Tonido Plug will work with the Tonido Android App but it's certainly not required. You can run the Tonido Desktop software directly on your computer and that also works with the Tonido App and provides a free solution. However, the Plug does offer some benefits as well because you can use it as a dedicated device. No need to leave your computer up 24x7 - the Plug is a low power solution and allows you to plug in a USB drive for storage.

So, how do you go about winning this Tonido Plug? All you have to do is write-up a review on the Tonido Android App. Since there is no cost for the app and no cost for the desktop version you have no out of pocket expense to do the review. Reviews will be submitted to me in PDF format and I'll chop em up and place them on the forum (giving you credit of course). The best review (most thorough) will receive the Tonido Plug. Email the review to tonidoreview @

The review doesn't have to be positive, just honest. Review as you see fit and tell us everything about the product. I'll also take a moment to let everyone know that we will be posting this up on Twitter and ask that you follow us ( and please Rewteet the contest. Thanks!

(Source: - Verizon Android Forum & Android News)