[ROM] Hybrid Stock 11/19 & OP 1/11


Jan 12, 2011
Hi all,

I've been posting my firmware MOD's over at slatedroid.com and realized that some of the androidtablets.net community might have interest as well! Below is my OP from slatedroid.

Note: White PDN's only. Don't try to flash to Black device. These updates are provided "as-is" and you install at your own risk.

Model: PD_Novel
Kernel: 2.6.29
Latest versions: v3.01, v3.01M and v3.01GE
Special build for v1 boards with video stutter: v4.0, v4.0M, and v4.0GE

UPDATE: While the /system and /data components of this firmware are built with the 1/11/2011 OP firmware, it is packaged with the 11/19 bootloader, kernel, and recovery mode. This provides drastically improved compatibility with other firmwares (i.e. easy to flash to and from any of the stock or any of the other mod's that are currently floating). This addresses the flash loop that was occuring with the 1/11 bootloader and recovery mode. The newest updates (v3.01 and v3.01GE) no longer partition your SD card and the mount points are properly switched. I've also included a flashable update to revert the volume key hack and to update the BusyBox version. Download links are below.

Special note: By now you should have noticed that going to 1/11 or 1/14 causes significant issues if you want to "downgrade" to an earlier stock version or if you want to test out any of the other mod's custom work. My build combines the best of both worlds where you get the UI and the overall enhancements from 1/11 OP, but still have the ability to safely switch to other mod's and stock firmwares.

These updates install the PD Open Platform that was released on 1/11/2011 (K-version) packaged in the 11/19 stock shell with the following tweaks:

* Already rooted with busybox installed
* Optimized DVM / CPU Hack
* LatinIME.apk with dictionary file included for text autocorrection
* Titanium Backup installed and working
* 2d/3d Graphics hack (appears to address video stutter on v1 and v2 boards with the newest 1/11 OP)
* volkey hack installed (volume up makes menu appear and volume down functions as a back button)
* Aldiko installed (make sure you have your Aldiko library/SD card inserted the first time you run Aldiko to ensure your library is imported correctly)
* Fixed updater-script to wipe /data during flash to eliminate phantom user data left behind during flash

I'm seeing great overall performance, including strong WiFi, full sleep capabilities, and getting a quadrant score of around 240 (in the non-GE version), which blows away my stock firmware score of 180.

Installation Steps

1) Flash to factory firmware 7/24 (http://www.mediafire.com/?8tyo5lviut56tas) [if you are currently running v3.0, v3.0GE or any of the other 1/3, 1/11, or 1/14 OP builds, you can delete the extra partitions during this step]
2) Reset defaults
3) Copy firmware to SD card and flash with standard volume up and power combo
4) Enjoy!

Note: While the other Open Platform builds required removal of the internal MicroSD card, this one DOES NOT. Please leave your internal MicroSD in for the installation. No recovery flash or special tweaks are required. Please remove all APK's from your internal and external SD cards. They will appear installed, as they do with the other Open Platform firmwares. Ideally I'd recommend formatting both your internal and external cards if you can stomach it!

Notes about flashing stock and flash loops: When flashing to 7/24 from one of the newer OP builds, you are likely to encounter a flash loop. PLEASE be careful! The following steps will allow you to safely revert back to 7/24, but please follow them exactly!

First go and download this file - http://www.mediafire.com/?q909050ydj727qn - and extract to your ADB directory. Now get a stock firmware (I've been using 7/24, but any stock should work fine). Copy the stock firmware to your external SD card. Browse to your ADB directory and run fixflashloop.bat. Turn off your Novel. Flash using the normal power toggle and volume up combo and hold for at least 5 seconds (you should know how to do this by now). Enjoy your safe return to 7/24 and now use any of the current mods!

Download v3.01 now! (http://www.mediafire.com/?v052nu4k0i79yff)

Changes in v3.01 - Corrected partition mount points so the external is now back to /sdcard. Neither the external or internal are partitioned anymore (required modifications to the vold.conf and vold binary). Updated build.prop to a higher SDK (8) to allow attempted installation of newer apps.

Download v3.01M now! (http://www.mediafire.com/?nq763kfq6eaj1ug)

Changes in v3.01M - Same as v3.01 with the Android Market installed (no GE).

Download v3.01GE now! (http://www.mediafire.com/?5eajyvsx4d3zgdn)

Changes in v3.01GE - Same as v3.01 with the Google Experience (GE) and Market installed.

Notes regarding Market: When you access the market, download a free app right away to successfully register your market account. This needs to happen before the Market update is automatically downloaded (less than 5 minutes). You can delete the app later if you desire. This is especially important in the market-only build since you can't add a second account. If you miss the magic window, don't say I didn't warn you <grin>.

BusyBox Fix: If you are having issues with Titanium Backup or just want to get to the latest and greatest busybox, download this update zip, copy to your SD card, and run the update with the normal flash process (volume up, power on for 5 seconds). It wont erase any settings or data and will improve busybox performance. (http://www.mediafire.com/?9p6u4cyj1fery6w)

Special builds for v1 boards with video stutter - same as the v3.x series but with no video stutter on v1 boards. All other series or people who don't care about video stutter should continue using the v3.x series.

Download v4.0 now! (http://www.mediafire.com/?1of6oz0qc8cx5ex)
Download v4.0GE now! (http://www.mediafire.com/?segw4iww3dji3cp)
Download v4.0M now! (http://www.mediafire.com/?iemyrfikdxi08bn)

Update: Some users are encountering issues when flashing to this firmware from one of the 1/3 or 1/11 firmwares without first flashing to 7/24. If you are currently using one of these firmwares, I'd recommend that you delete both partitions on the MicroSD card after flashing back to 7/24 to ensure that all lingering data is deleted. I put the link active below again but please follow the steps explicitly and remember that this is still in beta status. It is working for me and several others, but I'm still working out glitches.

Notes regarding volkey hack: If you want the volume buttons to return to normal (i.e. revert the volkey hack), download this zip and flash like a normal firmware update (copy to SD card, power down PDN, volume up and power combo for 5 seconds). It wont erase any settings or alter anything other than the volume keys. (http://www.mediafire.com/?xwvto42dwa18ama)

Change Log

Changes in v3.0 - While the /system and /data components of this firmware are built with the 1/11/2011 OP firmware, it is packaged with the 11/19 bootloader, kernel, and recovery mode. This provides drastically improved compatibility with other firmwares (i.e. easy to flash to and from any of the stock or any of the other mod's that are currently floating). This addresses the flash loop that was occuring with the 1/11 bootloader and recovery mode.

Changes in v3.0GE - This build is identical to v3.0 with the inclusion of the Google Experience (GE) and Market installed with the non-ugly hack.

Changes in v1.03 - Cleared out stock images/music files and lingering duplicate apps that were hiding in cache.img. Added the LatinIME.apk that contains a valid dictionary file to enable spelling corrections when typing. Size reduced from about 110MB to 80MB!

Changes in v1.02 - Replaced installed Facebook application with a full working version (the included one required you to "like" some weird group and wasn't full), Moved ES File Explorer, B&N, and SAM MarketPlace to /system/app to fix some issues for first time OP flashers, Added desktop shortcut to volume settings until I find a good volume control widget or slider.

Changes in v1.01 - Default apps now installed to /system/app to prevent install issues. Default calculator replaced with RealCalc for compatibility with the DVM / CPU hack.
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Nov 30, 2010
....how fast would you say your "Firmware" is compared to others. As in snappiness and app loading? Is WiFi working better then Cruz?


Jan 28, 2011
Tied Second fastest custom rom for the PDN, first as the most stable. Cyanomod6 Froyo wins on speed, but its buggy. Roebeets 1/14 mod is a smidge faster, but its pure 1/14, so a brick hazard for those new to PDN. (Im an uber jtag wielding u-boot messin with - err, mighta permabricked one - hacker extrodinare.... I use my own mod. lol)


Dec 25, 2010
Someone posted a link to an 11/19 *hack* (is this yours? I believe it said your name but you never know..) on a FB WPDN group & I did it over the weekend & I gotta say I am loving it immensley!
I have APP MARKET, I loaded MIREN BROWSER & it works gr8 as far as speed goes. I must of stayed awake all night to play around with my new "tab". A helluva lot of kewl apps make it worth the hassle I went through. My card was corrupted and I could not get the 11/19 to load until I switched the card. I formatted FAT 32 and everything and it was STILL corrupted :p
THANK YOU for sharing this with us. I am a tech re-re until I get into the groove and I am stoked I dove in and did the do & upgraded my Pandig. When I get comfy with all of this I am gonna go up a level. It took a month to wanna do this! lolz..
I dropped a 4gig in the back of my WPDN tonight and am happy I have more space! Next is 16 or 32 gig.
For anyone (new or not) on the fence about the hack thing do the 11/19 or whichever one you like. It's worth it.
Thanx again :)


Apr 3, 2011
I'm really new to computers/androids - so I need the dummy instructions. Can you tell me how to do the following on my White PDN? I copied the file to an SD card, but don't know how to "browse to ADB directory (whatever that is) and run it.
"Copy the stock firmware to your external SD card. Browse to your ADB directory and run fixflashloop.bat."


Dec 31, 2011
Hi i installed the 4.0 GE firmware and ive been having problems ever since. first off, it shuts itself off after being in sleep mode for mpre than 5 minutes. to turn it on i have to push the reset button. Also, I cant get the market working. when it says i have to "Download a free app quickly" i cant seem to do that because it displays no apps... :( i tried this method on a couple differant ROMS and still cant do it.. (BTW its the non- ugly hack) and last of all, the novel itself is slower than stock.... ): hopefully its just bugs in the 4.0 and im going to try the 3.01 today to see what happens.. if anyone has any suggestions for the market hack, that would be great!! (BTW, i tried the 2 google accout trick also and it didnt work either) thanks.. happy new year!