Root Help Needed [MID7033]


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Jan 15, 2013
Can anyone help me root this MID7033? Please.
Android version:4.0.3, Kernel Version 3.0.8 vimicro, cpu ARMv 7 Processor rev 2 (v71)
If you need any more tablet info please let me know.

I used the sticky page for the driver and root file.

* First problem: On reboot #2. Cannot start 'su': no such file or directory. Actually read: cannot stat.. r was missing.
Fixed that by copying the files in the data folder and putting them in CobyADB folder.

* And now I get this horrible sounding problem: On reboot #2 Failed to copy 'su' to '/system/bin/su': Read-only file system.

Tried: putting CobyADB folder on main drive.c: and I am the administrator. Used vista home premium. and used xp pro. same errors.

Are you supposed to factory reset the device first? or am I missing something? what's my problem? Any help would be nice.
And the other thread that had 7033 success, the file is no longer available.
Wish I could try that file..

AND I will be back. So you will not be wasting your time posting. Thanks for any help. It's driving me insane. lol


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Jun 16, 2012
It's sounding more and more like Coby changed the innards of the 7033 and 7035 so the root process in the tool no longer functions.


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Jan 15, 2013
It's sounding more and more like Coby changed the innards of the 7033 and 7035 so the root process in the tool no longer functions.

Yeah. They must have. Figures. dang read only. Any hope for a root for it soon?
I found that other file.. it didn't root it either. although it did install the superuser app.. but still didn't root.
Well, I'll keep checking back for any news.

Edit: Oh I see now.. the 7033 working root utility is called: A HAMMER! ahhahahaha! lololol
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Jan 15, 2013
Just wanted to let others know.. After 3 years.. LOL.. and dust collecting on this hunk of junk. Root is now available!
I knew i kept this hunk of junk coby for some reason LOL.. yeah.. I been waiting.. a while.... I'd say.
I will copy and paste my post from xda... SO other coby 7033 users may root it as well...
and it Does.. make it work Way Better indeed....

Coby Kyros MID:7033 - Android 4.0.3 ICS (Tablet) - Rooted!


Chose: OPTION 6
. and selected 1 for Root.......
Important! Read this or it will not work at the end.
1: When it finally says: Rebooting your device in 10 seconds......
2: WAIT TILL your coby Starts Rebooting... Then UNPLUG the USB CABLE!
3: After it reboots back on.. GO BACK and re-CHECK The USB Debugging Option!
4: NOW you can Plug it back into the pc usb. for the last step.
5: Done.. Now Reboot it yourself once more.. to get rid of slight screen flicker when scrolling....

* Note: I already had the adb driver for it on my pc installed from years ago. lol.. 3 years apparently. :-/
* So install that.. if u have never installed it before...
* Only thing that was reset.. was the background image. nice.

It's Now Rooted... Sweet! I really wanted it rooted so I can manage the startup apps.
...I loaded up ES Task Manager up.. went to StartUp Manager..
...and lo and behold.. SuperUser asked to allow it root access. Awesome!

It also seems like it's running Much Better.. and I haven't even disabled any startup apps yet. lol

* I just had to make sure to post this.. for other people with a coby mid7033.
... please pass this info on... (I gues they didn't.. but I WILL.)

EDIT: The wifi connectivity is top notch now. No more cannot connect crap. or out of range crap.
It works a Ton Better! Thanks a ton dude.. you made this hunk of junk worth using indeed.
FYI: You want the app: Advanced Wifi Lock Free.. So the wifi doesn't disconnect when the screen goes off.
and yeah. i had don't disable wifi in the settings.. which it didn't... it just disconnected it. LOL!
Advanced Wifi Lock Free. fixed that wifi disconnect prob... nice.

THIS is the forum post. and link. with my reply at the end of all the posts..
Root MANY ANDROID! [Upd: 20.07.2014] - Updated: New Z2 Root by CubeandCube
You want: Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v36

SO YEAH... Coby Kyros MID:7033 - Android 4.0.3 ICS (Tablet) Now Rooted.
Just giving back to this forum is all.. enjoy... I didn't forget about you.. nope.
.. even after 3 years... jeez.. has it been that long really? Looks like it has.. dang.. lol