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Dec 29, 2010
how can i tell if my machine has been rooted already. I have a feeling it has ben rooted but im not to sure.Please help me out people im very new to anroid and i want to lean all about the freedom of open platform.

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Dec 28, 2010
You can either connect it to your computer via usb or open a terminal emulator. If you use adb on your computer, type "adb shell" followed by "su".watch your phone to see if the superuser app pops up asking for root permission. If after pressing "yes" or "allow" the $ changes to # on your computer, it's rooted. In a terminal emulator, just type "su". The same thing should happen.


Nov 27, 2010
There are two different ways...

Easiest way is to go to your app draw and look for an app called "superuser permissions" that's probably the easiest.

Second way to make 100% sure is to download a terminal emulator app. When you open the app there will be a $ What you need to do is type "su" (hint: dont type in the " ) The prefix should change to a # to let you know you are now using a superuser/root shell. Be careful what you type next if you dont understand what root is. Best to type "exit" to get back to user shell. Prefix will change back to $.

If you dont have root, the su command will just moan about you not having it. Simple really. :)

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May 3, 2010
The SuperUser app is a sign of root, yes, but not having the SuperUser app does not mean you don't have root. (Many negations there, but in a less roundabout way: You may well have root without the SuperUser app. The $/# prompt change in Terminal is the best sign of if you have root or not.)
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