[Rumor] Amazon's Next Kindle Fire Could be Announced July 31st


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Jan 5, 2011

Rumors about the upcoming Amazon Android tablet successor to their ultra-successful Kindle Fire have been swirling around the internet for quite some time now. We now have a new one to add to the growing list of speculation and innuendo. According to the latest rumor-mill gossip, the next version of the Kindle Fire, affectionately and unofficially called the Kindle Fire 2, could actually be announced on July 31st.

If this does turn out to be true, then the newest Kindle Fire will be targeting a completely different market segment than it did last year. Instead of trying to woo Christmas shoppers, like last year, this new Kindle Fire would instead be targeting the back-to-school crowd. No new info on the device has come to light, although there is speculation that this version might come with a higher-res screen and a camera.

What do you guys think? With Google and Asus poised to steal the crown of most popular Android tablet away from Amazon, could the online retailer be able to wow consumer's with a new offering that will top it?

Source: Kindle-FireForum via UnWiredView