[Rumor] Google's Next Nexus Phone Coming From LG Within Next 30 Days with Android 4.2


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Jan 5, 2011

Now, here is a bit of news to get the "Android" blood pumping! Hot on the heels of earlier rumors that the next Nexus phone will be based on the LG Optimus G, we have a new rumor that takes goes a step further.

According to sources over at Androidandme, the next Nexus phone is still going to be based on the LG Optimus G. Even more exciting is that we will supposedly see the device officially announced within the "next 30 days," and it will be coming with a point release update Android version 4.2. This new version of Jelly Bean will supposedly have quite a few new features, including "multi-user logins, enhanced Maps, enhanced dialer, enhanced camera features, and native support for wireless display standards like Miracast."

The intel suggests that "Andy Rubin will reveal the next Nexus phone at AllThingsD: Dive Into Mobile on October 29-30." This would be a perfectly logical outcome, since this is the same press event where Andy Rubin has launched products before. Speaking of other products, we are still hearing minor rumors floating around that there will be some other Nexus devices released before the end of the year as well. Here's a quick list of some possibilities (including this rumor):
  • LG Optimus Nexus (based upon the LG Optimus G)
  • Refreshed Samsung Galaxy Nexus or even a Galaxy Nexus 2
  • A sub-100 dollar Nexus 7 tablet
  • A Nexus 7 with a 3G Modem built-in
  • A 10-inch Nexus device
  • A 5-inch Nexus "phablet" from HTC
What do you guys think? Are these rumors just wishful thinking, or something more?

Source: Androidandme


May 3, 2012
Wow that's quite a detailed "rumored" list. Personally I just bought a Nexus 7 last week and I love it. But now I'm looking for a new Android Smartphone to replace my LG Thrive soon and I really hope that Google does bring out a good Galaxy Nexus with Jelly bean on it for somewhere around $200-250. I have looked at the current Google (Samsung) Galaxy Nexus unlocked on Google Play for $350 with Jelly Bean and I just can't justify that type of cost for a Smartphone especially considering my Nexus 7 does most of work for me.

Also, I find it hard to believe that Google will bring out a sub-$100 Nexus 7. I believe that this might be something like an iPod Touch instead and is a Nexus 4 or 5. The iPod Touch is very popular and it wouldn't surprise me to see Google compete with Apple in that market too.