[RUMOR] Nintendo Might Use Android for Its Next Gaming Console

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Jan 5, 2011

Here's a very intriguing rumor to start your week. Supposedly, Nintendo is considering using Android as the OS of choice for its next generation gaming console. The console's codename is supposedly, NX, and the reason Nintendo might switch to Android is obvious. It would make it much easier for Nintendo to attract more developers.

This is because they would be able to write their games for multiple platforms, so they wouldn't have to expend extra time and resources developing for a single separate platform. To be clear, this probably wouldn't mean Nintendo would suddenly embrace the Android ecosystem. More than likely they would simply use their own forked version of Android similar to the way Amazon handles its Fire products.

Here's a quote with a summation of the details,

We now might know a little more if, this rumor is true. An insider tells Nikkei that the NX’s “operating system is loaded with Android.” The same insider continued, “This would be able to speed up getting all game developers on board.” It would also mean that development could be expanded to smartphones, tablets, and other devices, this insider added.

Given how Android is normally employed, if what this insider says is correct it’s likely the NX’s OS will simply be based on Android (similar to the Ouya), not a direct implementation of the same software normally found on phones and tablets.

If true, this would be a surprising move from the company, simply based upon their previous stance regarding their products. Still, it makes a great deal of sense, and would allow Nintendo to continue to expand its domination of the causal gaming market.

Source: Kotaku
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