[Rumor] NVIDIA Tegra 4 Rumored to Have Kepler Architecture and up to 64 GPU Cores


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Jan 5, 2011

Well, even though Apple's new A5X chip may hold the reigning crown for GPU performance in the smartphone world, it looks like NVIDIA wants to take that crown away and do so in a huge way. And, when we say huge, we mean reeedonkulous! If this rumor from a trusted source within the industry is to be believed, then NVIDIA's next chipset for smartphones and tablets, the Tegra 4, will share a similar Kepler architecture and 28nm manufacturing process to their current PC graphics line. Although we reported on this possibility previously, some new details regarding this mobile chipset have surfaced and they are astonishing! The new Tegra 4 will supposedly come packing from 32-64 GPU cores for its graphics horsepower engine!

That's not all. Apparently, this new chipset will also feature some of NVIDIA's new and more advanced efficiency enhancements. That coupled with the 28nm chipset size (versus the Tegra 3 using 40nm chips), means that this new chip may be the most battery efficient chipset ever for a smart-device. Keep in mind the time-line of tech advancements. The Tegra 3 is based upon core technology that is several years old (even though the chipset isn't actually that old), whereas the new Kepler architecture is based upon much newer ideas and refinements. Supposedly, we will see products announced with the Tegra 4 sometime later this year, with actual ship dates for those products in the beginning of next year.

Wow! And, we thought computers and console tech moved fast! Mobile tech is going absolutely bonkers!

Source: PhoneArena


Mar 11, 2012
This will be exciting to see in the months ahead which is why I'm waiting past the 1st and 2nd gen tablets to buy mine though my wife loves the I pad I bought her.