Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7.0 GT-P3100 - Charging Problems


Junior Member
Oct 19, 2014
Hi Hope someone can help! I have the above tablet which runs on Jelly Bean operating system. I have had alot of problems with this tablet including having to have it factory reset, new motherboard & battery etc..done by Samsung Warranty, the tab is now out of warranty.

Recently I had charging problems & bought a new charging cable as the original one was frayed, I don't know if for sure this is/was the problem as it has only solved part of the problem. If I leave the tab unused & just charging it will reach 100% fully charged according to the batt indicator, I can then use the tab to surf the next etc & it will last about 2 hours continually. If I then want to use the tab & charge it via the cable while in use it just wont charge the battery, I can only charge the tablet if it's not in use. There are a few other problems like if I delete pictures from the tab it leaves picture thumbs behind & I just cant see how to delete them, If I delete them & I then stop using the tab & turn it off, when I next turn it on the picture thumbs return. Pressing & holding power, volume buttons & directing me to U-tube doesn't help, I require somebody with proper knowledge of how to solve this.

Many Thanks in advance for any help! Coco