Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Crashes After Rooting


Junior Member
Oct 17, 2014

After rooting my phone using Kingo Root, i installed a custom rom from (

The problem is, the installation did not make my phone better. All applications started to
crash (force close) especially Facebook, Whatsapp and messaging.

The crash occured in regular basis everytime i used some functions in the apps. The warning message says: " ...... has stopped". I can not even send sms anymore since it was always crashed seconds after writing the message.

I have done all of these steps suggested in many forums but they did not work:

1. Wipe partition and cache in recovery mode
2. Delete data and cache of the apps
3. Fix permissions in apps to fix their UIDs (i used fix permission app downloaded from google play store)

My questions are:

1. What is the best installer app to install ROM from computer?
2. What is the best ROM for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite SM-T111?
3. When installing the ROM, Does it install the new kernel as well?

I'm still new in Android rooting and i don't have much knowledge about installing a new rom properly including its Kernel. Please help me to restore my phone's functions back to normal.

Thank you in advance.