Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 inch Tablet


Jul 13, 2013
I am considering buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 inch Tablet with 3G. I appreciate that my question may seem a little naive but I'm too hot on all this modern technology.

My question is: If I also purchase a mobile wifi unit such as Huawei E586 broadband hotspot or similar to go with my Samsung Tablet, do I have to have a sim card installed and if so why is this. What I don't understand is if I set my mobile wifi up shouldn't it just find the nearest wifi hotspot closest to wherever I am at the time and connect my tablet to the internet through the mobile wifi unit.

Hoping someone can explain this to me in words I can understand.

Many thanks in advance



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Dec 27, 2011
Welcome to the forum

If you are going to purchase a 3G version of the tablet, why do you also feel you need the portable hoptspot. Around where I live there is a WiFi hotspot on every other corner so I don't know why you would want to spend the extra money.

If I totally understand the question, the portable hotspot would need a SIM and a contract, which is why I'm questioning your question. ;)