Samsung Galaxy Tab4


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Jul 29, 2011
Having trouble with MLB At Bat app. The videos will either start blurry and pixellated, or end that way.

Does whatever plays the videos get hot? I have no idea what At Bat uses - seems to be embedded.

The tablet is running 4.4.2 and should be updated in Sept. Actually, that tablet is a piece of crap. No accelerometer so can't use any of my astronomy programs on it. I'd only bought it because my Acer A500 (running 4.0.1) works a lot better with the apps I want. I just haven't bothered to update to a new tablet as the Acer is wifi and usually on my own wifi.

I'm going to try At Bat on my Oppo Find 7 which is running 4.3. If it doesn't go all pixels, then it's the Galaxy.

Would it be worth buying a used iPad just for At Bat?

We subscribe to MLB on the Roku, therefore At Bat is free. No problems on the same wifi on the Roku.

Any purchase would be just for At Bat and a solitaire card game. The tablet would not leave the house.