Samsung Galaxy Tablet Rumor: Firmware leak indicates S5PC110 processor


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Aug 6, 2010

Please note this is only attribution to a rumor: The supposed Samsung Tablet Firmware has been leaked. The indicators from the code show the processor to be the more robust S5PC110 chip with Froyo 2.2 This link from Engadget details the changes and and a history of the changing discussion detail of the Galaxy.
The low-power chip is a powerhouse compared to many of the other chips in use on Android Tablets. The S5PC110 if used may place the Galaxy into the next generation of Android Tablets.
The prior article from xaueious indicates other details discovered and projected deliver date.


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Jul 9, 2010
Considering that the Galaxy S variants retail at around $500US minimum, there's no way these devices are going to cost below $450 with monster specs like that.

This might break some hearts, but this is probably a true competitor to the fruit plate many have been waiting for.

Still I think this will have trouble attracting the day to day customer. This isn't being heavily marketed enough to even rival the iPad, despite being the superior product.