Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Now You Can Stalk.....Track Him


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Dec 5, 2011

Sleigh bells ring are you listening? Of course you are. Christmas Day is only 6 days away folks, and through the magic of Google's elvelopers they are making available to every home with an Android device a Santa Tracker Application. Yes it's true, now you can track Santa as he makes his way around the world delivering all those great presents. You'll be able to track his current location, next location, how many presents he's delivered so far, and much more all through the power of Google maps. If you are lucky enough you just may catch him as he's "riding" into your city. Before you get too excited, we have some good news and bad news. The good news is that the app is available for download in the Play Store today, but, and here comes the bad news; it won't be live until Santa jumps on his sleigh Christmas Eve. No use looking at a stationary dot at the south pole from now until then right?

Those of you who downloaded it we'd like for you to resurrect this news story and post his whereabouts as the night rolls on. Have fun and Happy Santa Stalk....Tracking!!

[Download Santa Tracker]


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Jan 6, 2011
From the screen shot above it looks like Santa is delivering Microsoft Surface Tablets and Windows 8 to Sydney, Australia.