Saving a file to removable memory (how to)


Mar 22, 2012
Not sure of the Android methodology for saving files. Do you get a choice of where to store files when you download them, such as books, music videos etc? When you take pictures do they automatically go to internal memory or are you given a choice? If everything goes to internal memory can it be moved to the removable memory? If so is there a toutorial somewhere that can guide us through the process.

I cannot seem to find where this is addressed. Thanks in advance;



Mar 22, 2012
be aware though thst there are some apps that wont work externally on a card. and there are even some that wont update on the card but will run. youll have to take a look at your own apps.


Apr 3, 2012
I haven't been able to move any apps to the external card, it appears to be impossible on the Transformer. App2SD reports the card as a virtual drive and therefore won't move anything. From what I've learned, on the Transformer all the apps need to be in the internal memory. Don't know if that's a Transformer or an ICS issue or what.

As for the camera files, they all go to the internal memory as well, as silly as that is in regards to large video files. Many of the apps I use won't even see the SD card by themselves, they can only access the internal memory.

I use Astro File Manager, eFile or the built-in file manager app to copy or move items to the card. You'll have to manually alert those apps to the presence of the card, however. The card is called /Removable/MicroSD _not_ external card or external SD and you need to go into the settings or preferences for those apps and look for the removable or external card setting to change.


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Jul 6, 2011
APP2SD was created for some Android 2.X devices mainly because they had very little internal memory. One thing that has been done is that any major tablet (Samsung, ASUS, Motorola, etc.) that they have a minimum of 16 GB of internal memory (12 GB after format and OS installed). I know the newest ASUS tablets (TF300 and TF201) have 32 GB minimum.

Because of this, I see no need to move apps to the SD card. I have more apps that I use regularly, and I think I have 1 GB used for apps.

Camera, yes, I can see where it would be helpful to save videos and such to the microSD especially on a 16 GB device.

The way I have mine broken down is like this:

Internal card: Apps, documents, downloads, etc.
MicroSD (32 GB card): Movies and media storage

For music, I use Google Music and all of my 15000 tracks are available via the cloud.

I also got a 64 GB SD card for the keyboard dock, but I have not used that for much yet. Mostly going to be more movie storage.