Sd card damaged


Jun 8, 2011
Ok, got a Kogan Agora (Haipad clone), works fine in most respects and is a genuinely good bargain for the price I paid for it. Memory pathetic so I bought a 32gb micro sd. Went to put it in and it went straight through the slot into the innards of the device. I paid to have it dismantled and the card recovered. On (very carefully) re-inserting the card I now get 'SD card damaged'. I have put it onto my pc, formatted to FAT 32 and have no problem manipulating it through windows, but no matter what I try, every time it goes into the Droid it comes up with the same message. As stated, it works on the PC - I can put stuff on it and read it OK and on two different phones, just not on the Kogan Getting really frustrated. Going round the forums this seems to be a common problem, but no one has a definitive fix. I have just ordered another card and will see if I get the same error. The add ons to this tablet have now cost more than the device itself!