SD cardprob


Oct 10, 2010
I have a Kingston 16gb micro sd in my ARchos 70, 2.2.
I have
1. copied files directly to the chip from my computer
2. Copied files throught the cable from computer to card, whilst in Archos
3. Transferred files from A70 device to Sd card

I have found that with the first 2 methods, the files show on my computer, I can dir etc and they are there.
When I put the card into the archos, there are no files, take card out and put back into PC, files GONE!!
With method 3, the files show on the device through files, but some are scrambled, and I often get the message, SD card bad, reformat.
There is nothing wrong with the card, works perfectly in the S7.
Again a 2gb from the S7 has same probs in my Archos.
I have formatted in my archos, and my PC, as all different formats.

Can anyone help???
Rather annoying that I can't copy my music or photos to this chip.....

Any help greatly appreciated.


Nov 9, 2010
that sounds similar to a problem I had, I found a two stage fix has worked for the last few days

1/ I reformatted the card using my PC (the option was greyed out on my archos) took a Long time

2/ I checked every file I copied across and renamed any that has a . in the file name - often PCs use . instead of space in a filename now I I often find that causes problems with media players that get upset with the extension

It could be just chance, or something completely differnt but it fixed my isues so worth a try for you


Oct 10, 2010
Cuzza, thankyou. You are an angel. I had a full stop in 1 of my filenames!!! I have successfully transferred my files from the Archos flash memory to the sd card and they are playing perfectly. Thankyou.

PS - Still can't transfer to the sd card from the computer via the cable. It says 21 files copied successfully, but when I try to access the files from my archos, they simply aren't there. Weird......