Selling Chinese Tablets


Mar 18, 2011
Has anyone been successful at selling these MID Android Tablets from China?

I just spent a long time answering and lost the post. I would NOT recommend selling these gadgets, based on the posts on fora such as this and my own experience buying one that I got in January with the intention of offering via drop shipping from my online bookstore. It froze during boot and has not worked since and I can't upgrade or reinstall an OS since there's no easy way to determine what the true hardware specs are. Imagine if you have to accept returns from frustrated customers while having to deal with an unresponsive seller in China.

I bought it through what I thought was the reputable AliExpress channel of but no communication from the seller. So if you can't go to China to strike a deal with a reputable manufacturer, stay away from the hustlers on the various sites.