Setting button won't work with other problems


May 13, 2013
my mother purchased an android from Bargain channel last year and been having issues with it. At first it would not allow her to connect to the Internet. Then all a sudden it keep saying memory device safe to remove. With that message comes me not being able to unlock the tablet and the setting app not allowing me to click on it. Then it keep resetting itself. Early this morning I was able to get on it and move around on the tablet to see if I can get the setting button to work. Well it failed, I couldn't do anything so I went to work. Now I'm home trying to get it to work normal and i can't get past the first screen to unlock. The tablet she has is


Ive tried to connect it to the computer and it doesn't recognize it. We can't return it because it was sold as is. I've been looking for a manual and any info I can find on it but nothing keeps coming up. My mother is an elderly woman and this is her first purchase for a computer. My husband and I can't figure this out. He is a computer tech but can't do nothing when it keeps shutting on and off on its on. I forgot to mention that earlier but yes after we get the memory device safe to move, it stays on for 5 minutes then shuts off and restart. This is all the information I can give you regarding the model. Please help..