Setting up Google Hangouts for SMS


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Feb 5, 2011

Has anyone had success in setting up Google Hangouts on the Nexus 7-2? Google says they are supposed to phase-out the GV messaging system. The Hangouts help system says to go to Settings > SMS, but I don't have an SMS section in my settings at all. I even uninstalled Google Voice.

It's v2.0.303

Maybe there is something I need to do before changing the Hangouts Settings?

So far, I'm not at all satisfied with Hangouts. I don't care for any "social" apps, or informing people of my every move, location, or thought. At least until I get back from a trip for somewhere :) (That's why we have 128Gb flash drives...

Darn... If there's no Google Voice, my VOIP phone app (GrooveIP) won't work either?
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