single concave tactile button - genius (thanks apple)


Nov 18, 2010
yesterday i took my 2yrs old to our local electronic store (FutureShop ehh)
i saw galaxy tab in display and soon my son run and started playing with it
since we been playing with our fly2 since dec., he's very much adapt to tablet

he was holding the tab sideways with his left hand and swiping/tapping with his right hand finger
then he saw angy birds and right away tap on it to play
he switch his right hand to hold the tab and his left hand's finger to control the birds
right away i noticed the display either returned to the previous screen or game closing and/or other menu popping out
after after few more tries and more disturbance from the display not staying in the game screen, my son gave up and move on to the phone on the side.

then i realized that he had inadvertently been pressing the "return/home/..." menu buttons on the bezel while playing - now we never had this problem w/fly2 or iphone
i decided to try playing the tab and i notice that i can also will inadvertently touch those menu with knowing

and there lies the genius of apple that every other manufacturer misses

to all android tablet manufacturer, please continue using the single concave tactile button on the bezel instead of the touch glass menu - because this just makes sense


Staff member
Jul 9, 2010
It's not so straightforward.

The use of the Home button on Android is different than that on iOS, because it allows you to switch apps. If you accidentally switch out, just hold home until the task switch comes up, and switch back.

Touchbuttons have the advantage of being extremely easy to activate, but also means mistakes in activation. It has its advantages.