Skygo Tablet and Rooting


Nov 21, 2012
I have a budget A1CS 8" fusion economy tablet running Android 4.0.4 which works well for what it is but I was disappointed at not being able to install Skygo. Recently I was pleased to find the new 'skygo tab' app installed OK and I was able to log in to Sky only to find a message saying rooted devices not support. I am not too android literate but had not thought my tablet to be rooted particularly as there are listed apps such as 'Contacts' on it which I can't access.

Can anyone give me advice on how to get round this - I have read about 'unrooting' which may work but don't know how that will leave my operation on rest of tablet operations and would also like to know whether it is possible and simple to 're-root' it if things don't work out

With thanks in advance for responses. I am not worried about losing any warranty as it is over a year old and A1CS have either gone out of business or changed their name
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