SMS Aggregating issue

Dec 23, 2012
So it's not so much an issue as it's a bonus that has got me completely flabbergasted.

I have a Pantech Element and, from what I can gather, it suddenly gained the ability to send/receive SMS. I know, impossible, but it is.

I've been playing around with the tablet lately with different APK's for texting and whatnot, presently I have on the tablet GoSMS, Heywire, iText and iGroove. However, I can send a text to my regular android phone and the caller ID shows receipt from the SIM card in the Element, not and aggregate program like Heywire. As well, I can send a text to the SIM for the Element, and I'll be damned, it goes through every time.

What the hell is going on?

I need to be able to trace one of the text messages to find out just how, exactly, it being routed. Anyone got some pointers for me?