So what can the Dell Streak do?

Oct 2, 2010
So what can the Dell Streak do? Does it support flash 10.1? What would make this phone/tablet a better purchase than the upcoming Galaxy Tab?


Oct 11, 2010
Dell Price $549.99 As low as $17 / month* As low as $299.99 with 2-year AT&T contract activation.

For use on AT&T network only.

* Crystal-clear, scratch-resistant Gorilla® glass screen * Google Maps™ with navigation and text-to-voice, turn-by-turn directions with Street View * Multitasking Google

A brilliant 5-inch screen lets you surf, watch videos and stay connected*, with less squinting and pinching, plus front-and-back cameras capture photos and videos on the fly with 5 MP* resolution.

Ultra-intelligent facial proximity and ambient light sensors automatically adjust screen brightness, optimizing your battery life. Dell Mobile Streak Think fast. Play faster. The Dell Streak ensures that you can multitask and play without delay (including music and games), with the powerful yet efficient 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ processor speeding things along using Google’s Android-based OS with multi-touch Dell user experience.

3G mobile broadband, WiFi and Bluetooth® mean you’ve always got an easy way to connect, while swappable microSD memory cards mean virtually limitless storage for movies, music and pictures — up to 42 movies, 32,000 photos or 16,000 songs* on each of your individual 32GB memory cards.*

integrated A-GPS and e-compass functionality. Text-to-voice and turn-by-turn directions let you keep your eyes on the road, while Google Maps’ live traffic functionality helps you avoid those dreaded red zones (requires 3G connection). The best part: The Streak multitasks, so you can play your favorite driving tunes and receive calls at the same time. Get face time, any time. Facebook® , Twitter™ , Gmail, a phone call — however you like to stay connected*, the Streak keeps the lines of communication open.

Android 1.6 Processor

* 512 MB ROM + 512 MB SDRAM + 2 GB non-user accessible MicroSD for system & applications files only Storage * 1 user accessible MicroSD™cardslot (16GB pre-installed) Connectivity * WLAN 802.11b/g, Bluetooth®2.0 with EDR, USB 2.0 Dimensions * 6 x 3.1 x 0.4 in Advertised System Weight * 7.7 oz Primary Battery * 1530 mAh Miscellaneous * Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer, e-compass, GPS, Capacitive sensor keys Plus 16 GB installed according to specs.

There it is in a nutshell... Doesn't seem too great, for 550 bucks... At least you know the support will be there.

If you're not too worried about ram, I believe the Archos will be a good bet for you(oppose to the Galaxy Tab), as it does the same thing (besides the phone calling, but there's other ways for that) and it let's you get on the net through your cellphone! Plus it's almost HALF the price. with a BIGGER storage. Then again this is the Archos 7o. So the suport will be there, you'll already be on Android 2.2 as well!
Oct 2, 2010
That's pretty much what I thought. I do have the Archos 5 and am mostly happy with it, but would like a 7 inch tablet with more RAM ultimately. The Galaxy Tab or the Archos 70 (which I do have my eye on) would be a much better fit for me I think.


Sep 9, 2010
2 far as the support goes I wouldn't count on it being very good. I worked for Dell in SMB Pro Support and I would not want to have to call those guys about the Streak you will get the run around and probably be transferred until you get so pissed off that you hang up......


Nov 1, 2010
I am pretty happy with iPad at the moment however i liked hp slate too. Not a big fan of dell streak at the moment, havn't heard great reviews about it
Oct 2, 2010
Well the iPad is fine if you like a large tablet. But it's better for me to have a much smaller more portable tablet. I have read a lot of good reviews of the Streak and it woulda be a much better tablet for me than an iPad.


Oct 29, 2010
I just got an used one for less than $400. I played around it in the last a couple weeks.
Did upgrade its OS from 1.6 to the latest Dell official Android 2.2 build 318. So far, I am really happy
with it.

Dell Streak packs a log of features. You pretty much don't need carry other devices when you have it. Here is the list

* Phone with Bluetooth
* Wifi Tablet can browser internet at amazing speed. Almost as fast as my Dell Latitude E6410 with Core-5 CPU.
* GPS. Co-poilit navigation software for $2.99 from Android Market. It includes US map if you don't have data plan, which is really nice.
* The chip has FM radio capability, but DELL didn't include software. You can find people writing an App to enable it.
* Build-in Camera for taking photo and video recording. It can record 720P video, and play 720P(not 1080P) video smoothly.
* Capacative touch screen with screen resistant glass.
* 512MB internal memory, 2GB storage and plus 16GB microSD are installed on the device. This is enough for me now.
* One more important thing is Android version is upgradable. I just upgraded to Froyo 2.2. A lot of discussion can be found and forums.xda-developers.

The good thing is its 5" display, which is not too big to use it as phone, and not too small to see all web contents without doing horizontal scrolling.

If you can get a good condition used one for less than $400, definitely it's better than those no brand name ones because quality of the components(chips/screen/materials) used in the device are much better and software support also is much much better. Dell does make good
hardware products, but their software support is not as strong as Apple. Hopefully, the google Opensource Android can give them a lot of help.
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Jan 13, 2011
It can take a stabbing from a biro too, look it up on Engadget. Gorilla Glass is impressive.


Mar 16, 2011
Bump for enthusiasm.

I've been eyeballing the Streak ever since I saw one at a Best Buy Mobile in my local mall. I like the screen size. Not too big for a regular phone (for me anyway, I know others disagree) but it is big enough to enjoy the road navigation and games & videos. My only concern was every time I see a working model its still on Android 1.6. I didnt know they pushed 2.2 on it a while ago. Thats not being made clear in most of the advertising.
My only issue is that by the time I feel like getting one it may be old news. I havent heard anything about an updated 5 inch Streak from Dell, and the internet is mostly full of just speculation. My current contract is up in November and I'm hoping there is something newer by then.

I am not keen on spending 65 dollars a month and that seems to be the cheapest I can use this thing the way I want (limited minutes, 2GB of data). Amazon has the unlocked version for much cheaper than anyone else but the problem is I'll still need 3g for road navigation and those few places with no free wifi.
Damn. If I could get a good Android phone like the Bionic or Streak on Virgin Mobile for 25 bucks a month I would seriously crap myself.
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Apr 3, 2011
I pay 55 a month on att for a good amount of minutes, and fre calls to any carrier except landlines as well as unlimited text and data (no data limit) i was grandfathered in before they switched to 2gb and 500 mb plans or whatever so thats not alot of $$ for what i get and i just got a NIB streak 5 on ebay an hour ago for $200 so it should be here by wed cant wait. I was holding out for an iphone 4 in june but i have fallen in love with android :)


Oct 22, 2010
I know it sounds crazy, but I already have a Vzw Family plan and data plan ("unlimited", so want to keep it grandfathered for when Vzw goes with tiered pricing like AT&T) on my smart phone, so switching would be a huge hassle. I have been able to tether a lot of other devices on my XV6800 via USB and Bluetooth, so that part works - can the Streak 5 be tethered as well?

I have an Archos 5 that has been very uncooperative with such tethering, but I love the form factor and what else it does, and the Streak 5 being only slightly longer with a lot more power, features, and supported FroYo, it looks like a nice step up. Now that the Archos is starting to have the bulging battery syndrome, and I can get a Streak with broken screen from CraigsList for $100-200 and screen replacement kit on eBay for around $50 (love that kind of hacking), the numbers look good, but will it "fit" my setup?