Solution for SDCARD mount point [Watery Kyros]


Mar 18, 2011
I had some trouble with music, photos and videos applications, since I installed Watery Kyros ROM, because they could not see music, pictures and videos folders on the SD
card but only on NAND directory. Based in the directory tree of my S Galaxy, which places SD directory as a subdir from /NAND, I made ​​the following changes:

in /etc/vold.conf, search for "volume_sdcard {" and change "mount_point /sdcard" to
"mount_point /nand/sdcard".

in /init.rc, search for "mkdir /sdcard 0000 system system" cut this line and past as a new line after "mkdir /nand 0000 system system", changing to "mkdir /nand/sdcard 0000 system system"

Rebooted system.

Now sdcard mounts atr /nand/sdcard, I can access using Root Explorer or And Explorer, but system continues "Checking for errors"... any one could help me with it?