Some menu items font is the same color as the background.


Mar 16, 2011
I have a weird issue, I am rooted stock.

Some menu items, on some programs, are displaying the font as the same color as the background or just a shade lighter. It makes reading the text impossible or nearly so depending. Is there a way to fix this somehow?

This is NOT simply the text that is ghosted because it can not be selected.

Example: In the Gmail app if I go to the settings screen everything under general settings is fine. Under Notifications settings I see Email notifications just fine but the Select ring tone and Vibrate are white text just a shade whiter than the background so it can barely be read. I can select them so they are active but the text is hard to read.

In other menus, on some programs, the text is the exact same shade as the background and can not be read at all! All I see is white.

How does this look on other nooks? Is this supposed to be a different/bold/italic type or specific font that is displaying as different color instead? Is there a way I can change the background color in programs settings screen? Is this is a system standard library they all share?

Any ideas on a solution to this, even editing system files if need be, would be great.
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