Some Pixel C Owners Are Complaining of Weak WiFi Signal & Speeds; Google Investigates


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Jan 5, 2011

Google is supposedly investigating some reported issues with the new Google Pixel C. The main complaint that has been big enough to warrant their attention is that the new tablet hybrid seems to have poor WiFi signal strength and speeds.

A large enough number of owners have reported this issue to warrant Google's attention. Here's a quote with a description of the problem,

Based on the responses, this issue is most apparent when you start to move further from the router. As other devices maintain a consistent connection, the Pixel C starts to fall off drastically. Upload speeds are consistent with other devices, but downloads are less than half of what they ought to be. No one has found a setting tweak that makes any difference, either.
~ AndroidPolice

Interestingly, the issue isn't completely wide-spread, and one theory suggests that it could be a strange incompatibility with specific routers.

Here's the Nexus tech support forum for further info: Google Groups