Sony Tablet S Replacement?


Jun 24, 2012
I called Sony technical support this morning in the hopes of getting a few questions answered about the Table S I purchased from Sony about 3 weeks ago. After my question was answer, when Sony planned on updating the tablet to Jelly Bean. Oh, that answer was mid to end of August. We'll see. I then asked him if he had any information on the replacement for the S, thinking I'd get a standard "you'll know when I know answer." I mentioned that the Tablet is pretty much only available on through web vendors and Sony stores and that the standard accessories were getting harder to find. Go to the Sony store and you'll see that you can't even buy the leather case any longer and the cradle has been reduced to $20. The Denver Cherry Creek store is presently discounting the S $50. So, back to my question.

His answer:
"Yes, a replacement with a quad-core processor is planned for mid-September, likely 16 and 32 gb with SD/micro-SD slot along with the same mini-usb receptacle." I asked about the price point. His best information was that the price would be comparable to the existing, however, in order to do that, his information indicated that the remote blaster may go. He also suggested that the form factor is a probable victim evidenced by the clearance of the leather case. The Tablet P goes to the grave yard. He also suggested calling back mid-Aug when he hoped to have more information.

So, take it for what it's worth. I was happy to get any info. I hope after my call, that everyone in the Sony call center wasn't having a good laugh! In the three weeks, I've owned the S, I've enjoyed it but as soon as the replacement rumors started (FCC approvals et al), I started thinking I didn't want a superseded model two months after the purchase. After today's conversation, the next call was for an RMA number. Hopefully, an announcement in Sep doesn't mean availability in Dec!