sound issues trying to watch movies


Jul 3, 2012
i'm trying to watch a movie on my tablet but can't quite get everything right.

I converted the dvd to mp4 using dvdfab and put the file on a micro sd card. I could not get the file to play on my Iconia a500 using the Acer video player - I would get an error message before the video would even start. I decided to try a different video player and chose mx player based on good reviews.Originally, i tried it on my phone (lg optimus) and the sound seemed fine but the video could not keep up. I then tried mx player on my iconia and the video was fine but could not get any sound. It was like the volume reset at zero every time I went to raise it (but still got no sound when raising slowly)

On both my phone and tablet, mx player had me download codecs before the app would start.

Anybody else have this problem? Between all the different file conversion options and video players, I just want the easiest way to watch a movie on my tab without having to spend hours trying every option and combination of programs/apps.


Senior Member
Jun 10, 2011
Try one of the other players. MXplayer has some issues which did not exist before the ICS update.


Dec 5, 2011
Had the same sound issue on my a500 after ics update. My solution was to make sure the sound on the tablet is turned up before going into mx player. If my sound was muted before I started it I wouldn't get any sound at all even when turning the sound up inside the player.

Also check your vid on your computer using vlc and wmp just to make sure the video is fine.